still sketching out the details

but here’s a rough draft of when and where:

5th Feb Thursday evening – free public lecture at Taylor

6th Feb Friday evening  – Theolojazz – alternating sets of jazz (Elphida Trio) and Pete – probably at Dewey’s (on the U of A campus), there may be a small cover or maybe free
7th Feb Sat. am – (probably) a session at Taylor
7th Feb. Sat – evening – Interface Worship alt. worship event with Pete at St. Paul’s Anglican
8th Feb. Sunday am:  Sunday morning worship service with Pete at Urban Bridge Church.

There may be a Thursday daytime event added.


~ by felixhominum on January 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “still sketching out the details”

  1. probably you need to remove this “still sketching out the details” information now that the details are formally decided.


  2. nah, not really. we were still sketching out the details on Jan 5 (when this post was published). consider it a sort of living archive… which is often how blogs work. hope to see you at some of the events.

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