a review of Peter Rollins’ book: How Not to Speak of God

If you have never heard of Pete, or never read his books, you can get a taste through some reviews of his work online.

“How Not to Speak of God” was Peter’s first major work.

Andrew Jones (tallskinnykiwi) has a few posts on Pete Rollins‘ work and thought: 

Pete Rollins, who was with me last week in Switzerland, has released his first book – the most challenging emerging church book I have read for a long time. “How (Not) To Speak of God” is a thoughtful and original book, delivering some heavy-duty thinking from Marion and Derrida in a manner that is accessible and profound, and offering a fresh perspective on the Scriptures that moves the emerging conversation out of binary oppositions and into the love of God.

You can also check out what Jonny Baker had to say in his review:

“we need our theology (speech about god) but all the while recognising that this very speech will fail to define god. it is our speech after all… god is the god beyond god. humility or to use pete’s term a powerless discourse should characterise our way of being. here’s a piece that suggests how christians should be in the world…”

In this way the emerging conversation is demonstrating an ability to stand up and engage in a powerless, space creating discourse that opens up thinking and offers hints rather than orders. In short the emerging community must endeavour to be a question rather than an answer and an aroma rather than food. It must seek to offer an approach that enables the people of God to become the parable, aroma and salt of God in the world, helping to forma space where God can give of God. For too long the church has been seen as an oasis in the desert – offering water to the thirsty. In contrast, the emerging community appears more as a desert in the oasis of life offering silence, space and desolation amidst the sickly noursihment of western capitalism. It is here in this desert as we wander together as nomads, that God is to be found. For it is here that we are nourished by our hunger.


~ by felixhominum on January 6, 2009.

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