fleshing out some events with Peter Rollins

It’s an unconference.  There is no registration fee and no paperwork for you to do.  Just come out. Listen, engage, connect, think, act.

On Thursday morning (Feb 5) from 10am-noon:  Worship/ministry/community.  Peter will tell some of the story of Ikon, and open up a converstation about what ministry and worship can look like in a postmodern world.  While this event might have special appeal to those “in ministry”, it is open to all. Location:  St George’s church on the U of A campus;  11733 – 87 Ave.

On Thursday afternoon from 1:30-3:30 pm:  Faith in a postmedern world:  Peter will highlight some of the themes of his work as a means of fostering conversations.  Location: St George’s.  Both sessions at St George’s will be informal, with opportunity for conversation, feedback and interaction.

On Thursday evening at Taylor Seminary (7:30 pm) Peter Rollins will lay the groundwork for the rest of his presentations by addressing why Christians need to move beyond belief.  He is referring to his subject as “Beyond Belief:  Faith, Fetish and Religion without Religion.”  Location:  in the chapel.

On Friday night, Peter joins the emerging jazz group Elphida Trio for TheoloJazz at Dewey’s Coffee Bar and Lounge.  This is the event for networking, stimulating conversation and friendship. Pete and Elphida will engage in alternating sets of twenty to thirty minutes – Pete putting forth his post modern musings and fielding questions about life and love and faith, and Elphida responding with jazz classics and original compositions.  Delyle of Elphida says ‘the artists will engage in a philosophical dialogue: one with the musings of the mind, the other group with a musical echo.’ Deweys is on the U of A campus, in the North Power Plant Behind the Dentistry/Pharmacy Building. 8:30 – midnight.

On Saturday morning at Taylor Seminary 10 am:  Peter Rollins will address worship in the postmodern era, with focus on what the Ikon community does, some of the values that lie behind their experience of ‘transformance art’ and how these might influence the way a church thinks about corporate worship.  His working title is “Transformance art: Revelation, Rupture and the Worship Experience.”

Parking Tips:  The majority of the parking at Taylor Seminary is at the 115th Street entrance, though there is also some on the west side of the campus.

Saturday’s Interface Worship service will be at St. Paul’s Anglican. Interface creates and stages alternative worship services that involve the extensive use of unique rituals, symbols and imagery to engage in spiritual theology. There will also be music, art, the Altarwalk devotional exercise for prayer stations, offerings from Pete, contemporary liturgies, and a walk through liturgical sculpture created for the communion rite.  And no sermons – only proclamations. Church as you have never seen it. St. Paul’s is on the North side of Stony Plain Road, between 145 and 146 street. The service starts at 7:00 PM. 

Peter will be speaking Urban Bridge Church February 8 at 10 am: “The Aftermath of Theology” – If theology comes to be understood as the place where God speaks, then we must seek, not to speak of God, but rather to be that place where God speaks.

Location:  Meets at the Royal Alberta Museum Theatre, 12845 102 Avenue NW.  Here’s more info about the Urban Bridge Church.

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